Professional Skin Care Products & Skin Care Advanced Training

(h2t)® Products
(h2t)® brings you the latest skin care products and most advanced procedures in skincare applications for skincare spa & aesthetics distribution.(h2t)® Products(h2t)® DermAstage system is a beautifully simple treatment program for you to use at home.Dermatologist and Aesthetician tested products made with premium ingredients have proven to be effective in maximizing the health of the skin in each of three primary life stages, or “dermAstages”.Whether your skin is in its teen, adult, or anti-aging cycle, the (h2t)® dermAstages system offers you a line of essential skincare products designed specifically to enhance skin quality in that stage.This simple, streamlined lifestyle regimen for the skin gives you a professional spa-quality daily experience in your own home.

DERModality™ Products

DERModality™ Corrective Skin Care is designed to emulate medical grade products by the use of highly refined pharmaceutical based ingredients.

Glycolic TreatmentOur serums are designed to enhance all daily regimens including acne, anti-aging and pigmented skin types.

Each of the chemical peels are developed to maximize value while maintaining safety. Our unique medical process combines a proprietary pre-conditioning and layering process that allows for significant change of the skins surface with little to no down time. Our Skin Rejuvenation Program will allow for the spa or medical professional to confidently use and layer our refined Retinol Treatments, T.C.A, Glycolic, Lactic, our own Modified Jessner, Salicylic, C:Vitality 25% AHA and h2t Pumpkin Peel 30 to achieve remarkable results.

Dermodality’s protocols have been developed by 2 of the industry’s most seasoned medical estheticians. With more than the thousand highly progressive peels performed between them we have developed an easy to follow manual that allows for a template of success.