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Making T.C.A. and Intensive Retinol Peels an Art Form
Through Layering & Pre-conditioning Techniques

The primary purpose of the Advanced Peel Training Program is for licensed skin professionals to gain advanced esthetic skills in medical spa and clinical settings. Our unique medical process combines a pre-conditioning and layering system that allows for significant change of the skin surface with little to no down time. Our Skin Rejuvenation Program will allow for each attendee to confidently use and layer our refined Retinol Treatments, T.C.A & h2t Pumpkin Peel 30 to achieve remarkable results. You will also be taught how to combine innovative protocol including micro-exfoliation to safely treat acne scarring, hyper-pigmented and all forms of pre-mature aged skin issues.

Prescription Facial System is a sophisticated kit of blended raw materials that enables the aesthetician to completely customize service treatments specific to primary and underlining conditions present in each of the seven facial zones. Raw, concentrated components, free of additives and fillers are blended into unique formulations specific to the individual, providing results not replicated by your competition.

Prescription Facial System is an esthetic chemistry set, where you now become the chemist, BUT you must know how to blending each ingredient together will affect the end result. Therefore, it´s important to become familiar with the components, how the work together and how their concentrations impact your formulations before you start providing services. By learning the customized blending methods in Prescription Facial System you are able to obtain the maximum results for the most unique and cost effective formulations. Your average price of service with the Prescription Facial System becomes 20 to 30% more than what your upgraded facial treatment; you truly become a clinician with an amazing skill-set.

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Course Outline available Here

October 14 Vista, CA Advanced Acne Peel & Treatment Level 2
November 4 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Advanced Chemical Peel L-2/Application Workshop
November 4 Vista, CA Advanced Chemical Peel L-1/ Application Workshop
November 10 Las Vegas, NV Advanced Chemical Peel L-1/ Application Workshop
December 9 Vista, CA Workshop Prescription Blending/Microdermabrasion
December 16 Las Vegas, NV Workshop Prescription Blending/ Microdermabrasion