Gel Mask

Product Description

Use in moisturizing, soothing and age minimizing formulations, as well as in post treatment (peels) and post environment exposure (wind, sun). Helps reduce redness.


  • Anti-inflammatory, naturally rich in Vitamin A, C, E & B12.
  • Moisturizing, contains natural mucopolysaacharides that have a cohesive effect to the cells to help smooth texture.
  • Contains antiseptic properties to promote healing.


  • Anti-inflammatory and natural antiseptic, soothing


  • A natural amino acid derivative
  • Helps protect the skin from pre-mature aging
  • Prevents and combats skin irritation from various environmental factors
  • Provides moisturization

Recommended Mixture:
This mask is premixed.

Use 1 teaspoon alone OR with correct Aessential Complexes


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